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Web site promotion


Web site promotion and optimisation
Done correctly, web site promotion can produce a continual supply of customers directly off your web site.

If your web site is nothing but a 'contact page' to visit IF a customer happens to type it in from a letterhead then you have lost a huge opportunity.

It is our experience that most people feel the web site to be the last thing on their list of important jobs and yet this IS something that you should pay as much attention to as traditional methods of customer acquisition, such as direct mail and sales calls.

Think of it this way:

A potential customer who visits your site is there for a reason. That reason is generally that they directly searched for a product, service or information on the net and the result has been a link to your site.

This then gives highly relevant visitors to your site, because they have already 'qualified' their intention before visiting you - i.e. they want your information, product or service or at least have an interest in it.

'Create your website' allows you to add, edit and delete your site at will so that you are able to show off your business services and products to the best effects and keep them up-to-date - meaning your site is more likely to turn those hard earned visitors into customers!

'Create your website' - all you need for optimisation
'Create your website' lets you deal with all of the major parts of optimising your web site for the search engines. You can add in title, keywords, descriptions, headings, text, images and alternative text to images. The standard pages appear static to the search engines and therefore this is also a huge bonus. All you need to do then is start building links to your site and register with the search engines (we even have a control panel to help you with this).

Instant web site promotion
For instant web site promotion exposure, we also offer pay per click management for gaining top placement with the search engines immediately (click here fore details)

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